Timbertech pride themselves on using only virgin plastic in their composite deck materials. They us variety of cellulose materials, wood flour and pure plastic resins instead of recycled material. Timbertech has 25 year warranty program which guarantees against termites, checking, splitting, decay, rotting and and splintering. Warranty is also transferable to the new owner, if you sell you house. Timbetech's warranty has never been called into question in the 15 years they've been making and selling composite deck material.

Composite  may be a larger investment upfront, down the line it saves more green than wood. In fact, after just couple of years, the total cost of owning a wood deck already equals the cost of most composite decks, when you consider what you'll spend in cleaning supplies, stain and your precious time. Composite decking is decking material that has been made using a combination of wood and other materials; the most common composites are made from wooden fibers and plastic. Composite is designed to give you a beautiful look, while still providing the strength and durability of wooden decks. This type of decking option has become an increasingly popular choice because it is cool, effective, and is available in a variety of appearances and styles.